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Finally, the "saltwater fishing secret weapon" from 1947 has been re-discovered and revealed to the public - for the first time...

How The Shocking Discovery Of A Long-Lost Saltwater Fishing "Secret Weapon" From 1947 Will Send Swarms Of Blood-Thirsty Game Fish To Your Spot So You Can
Double Your Catches, Guaranteed!

"So Powerful It Was Banned In 2 States!"
100% Guaranteed To Double Your Catches!

"We slammed Trout, Red, and Flounder!"

(Click "play" to hear our conversation)


I use the Saltwater Secret and boy it does work! I went to a place where I knew there was nothing, I'd gone there before and not really gotten anything. I figured it a was a good test, and I shoved it down into the water - and in about 30 minutes it attracted shrimp, perch, mullet, pogies, flounder - and I caught flounder! Then we took it to a place that was near a pier. We dropped it down, and there it immediately created a swarm of fish and we slammed trout, reds, and flounder! We couldn't even take a break we were catching fish so fast...I'm surprised I'd never heard of this before. It does draw them in, I'm a firm believer! It's a good product Dan, I really like it.

Thanks a lot!

Freddie Gartman
Dayton, Texas"

Dear Saltwater Fisherman,

It was a summer night in July of 2004 when my skepticism ended, and I stood there in stunned belief. Since then, I've been happier than a "pig in shit" because I've consistently doubled my catches - blowing all of my friends away!

In the past, I thought I had seen it all - products with wild claims (and a lot of "hype") about how I would catch more fish after buying them. I spent money on almost all of them, and I was disappointed every single time. From bugs in a jar to "sound wave" devices - what a bunch of malarky...

But on this night, something completely crazy happened in the water...

You see, I was very lucky to be on a boat with a 72 year-old fishermen who had a "secret weapon" on board that was about to make my jaw hit the deck...

I thought it was a sham like everything else I had tried - until 40 minutes later, when the largest swarm of fish I have ever seen began circling the boat in a feeding frenzy! (if you keep reading, I will show you live video of the swarm)

And then...

Bang, Bang, Bang! One strike after another - we pulled in game fish constantly for 2 hours straight! I couldn't believe my eyes, and when I was too tired to fish anymore - I sat down with the old guy and he told me everything...

Why Less Than 1% Of Fishermen Know About
The "Saltwater Fishing Secret" For Catching
Hundreds Of Fish

As it turns out, this guy is an "old school" fisherman from Tennessee - and one of the guys that discovered this Saltwater Fishing "Secret Weapon" in 1947.

It has been kept a secret all this time- in fact, less than 1% of all fishermen have seen it, or even know that it exists!

You see, a very small group of fishing insiders have kept the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" out of the public eye for years. In fact, it is sold in only a handful of small fishing shops throughout the entire country.

Until now...

I have been given permission to offer the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" to fishermen through this website. Over 100 saltwater fishermen have gotten one from me - and they are seeing the same results that I do...and it works for all species of fish! (even in freshwater!)

This is me, Dan Eggertsen, the night I discovered the Saltwater Fishing "Secret Weapon"
and caught more fish than I ever had before.

(We hauled in 25 of these in about 2 hours, I'm a believer!)

See What Saltwater Fishermen Around The
Country Have Been Doing With The
"Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon"

"...It really works."


After one month of fishing with the Saltwater Secret I have come to the conclusion that it really works. I've caught many fish and some unusual catches every night that I have used it. Please find enclosed several pictures of some of my catches while using the Saltwater Secret."

Capt. Manu Pacheco
Saltwater Specialist
Pahoa, Hawaii
Captain Pacheco, Big Island Hawaii
"Tons of Tuna" reeled in by Manu at night
using the Saltwater Secret

"You can forget your 90 day money back guarantee, you couldn't buy it back from me..."


I spent Friday night 100 miles out in the Gulf in 155 ft of water. Your secret really works just as you promised. We had more bait than we could handle. It was 6 to 8 ft seas, too rough to fish. When it got light enough to see, the grouper started to bite. The bait was still there. The results, I know small compared to the West Coast, but big for around here. A 38 lb grouper and the rest as a result of your secret. You can forget your 90 day money back guarantee, you couldn't buy it back from me."

More casualties of war, compliments of the Secret!

Thomas M. Johns
St. Petersburg, FL

3 Crappie and a nice Walleye
38 lb. Grouper caught using the "Saltwater Secret"

"It's like an ocean aquarium..."

"We've caught Thresher Sharks, Maco Sharks, White Sea Bass, Calico Bass, Halibut, and many more - too many to count. It's like an ocean aquarium out there every time we use the Saltwater Secret. We definitely catch more fish. "

John Merkle
Santa Barbara, California

All caught within an hour of starting the Saltwater Secret's
easy "scientific process" for creating swarms of fish!

Not only are they catching a TON more game fish, but they figured something else out...

They Also Catch An Unlimited Supply Of Bait Fish,
Saving Hundreds Of Dollars!

These lucky fishermen are also using it to catch hundreds of live-bait, with nothing more than a small fishing net! The swarm of fish is so thick, they are filling up their bait tanks in minutes - saving hundreds of dollars over time...

Imagine being in the heat of the action, getting dozens of strikes - reeling in game fish like crazy - and then you run out of live bait!

You see, if you use the "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon" all you need to do is dip a small fishing net into the water to catch dozens of bait fish in seconds. Now you have natural live-bait that you can use to cast out there to catch loads of game fish!

When I saw the power of the "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon" for bringing all the hundreds of bait fish and game fish to ME - I just had to find out WHY it works so damn well every single time...

University Of Michigan Reveals The "Secret Science" Behind The Swarms Of Fish!

Why do so many fish swarm to this little-known "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon" from 1947?

I contacted some researchers at the University of Michigan and they let me in on the science behind the secret...

Researchers at the University of Michigan examined the responses of several species of zooplankton (little organisms that are the main source of food for bait fish).

The results of their work indicate that zooplankton have an overwhelming attraction to specific changes in the surrounding water.

Since this specific method causes the changes in the water to travel farther than any other method, it is the most effective at attracting and concentrating zooplankton.

- Frederick Smith and Edward Baylor, University of Michigan

Do you know what the best thing about this is? Zooplankton are like CANDY to bait fish! (including squid, shrimp, sardines, and all others) It is what they eat to survive! And...

The "Saltwater Fishing Secret" attracts millions of "zooplankton" like a magnet! In less than 20 minutes you will see millions of the zooplankton organisms in clumps all around your fishing spot! Can you guess what happens next?

You guessed it!

Hundreds of bait fish literally torpedo into your spot in a ravenous feeding frenzy! All of the millions of zooplankton in one spot is just impossible for them to resist! But that's not the best part...

With the hundreds of bait fish swarming your spot - feeding like mad - the game fish move in to attack in a frenzy! All of the game fish come to YOU!

And next...

You fish the edges of that big ball of swarming bait, where the game fish are gathered - and pull them in one after another - just like I (and the over 100 fishermen that are using the Saltwater Secret Weapon) do!

"I am able to catch more fish,
and I save a lot of money!"

"I have been using the Saltwater Secret for about 3 months now and catch a lot more Tuna, Bass, and Halibut than I did before I found out about it. Your product has changed the way I fish. I am able to catch more fish, and I save a lot of money on bait! Thanks!"

Ryan Radford
San Diego, CA

You'd have a smile on your face too if
you had a night like Ryan did!

As a matter of fact, The "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon" is such a powerful tool for fishermen (more than doubling their catches) that is has been banned in 2 states!

So Powerful, It Was Banned In 2 States!

In the mid-1960's there were 2 states that banned the use of the "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon" as a way to catch fish…

It is THAT powerful.

In Minnesota and Wyoming you are not allowed to use it to catch more fish - using it in these 2 states is done entirely at your own risk!

If you fish in Arizona you will need to get permission from the department of fish and game before using the Saltwater Fishing Secret.

That’s It! In all of the other 47 states this amazing fishing discovery is completely legal. I have checked with every single state’s Department of Fish and Game, and keep this information current.

Some Even Say It Is "Too Powerful"
It Just Isn't Fair!

Some Saltwater fishermen think this will make fishing “too” easy…

A lot of these guys are in it for the challenge...

Trying out new tactics in different spots... Experimenting with new jigs and live bait... Trying to figure out where the big ones are hiding…

To them, fishing is constant experimentation - finding something that works and adding it to your bag of tricks…

Sound like you? If so, you do not want fishing to be TOO easy.

Well, even fishing purists are RAVING about the Saltwater Fishing Secret

Do you know the biggest reason why they are so excited?

It is because they never have to spend a DIME on live-bait again! The swarm of fish gets so large that it is literally a "big ball of bait" swarming your spot. It takes only minutes to scoop it up - saving you hundreds of dollars over time!

"Will The Saltwater Fishing Secret Work
For Other Kinds Of Fish?"

Remember, the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" swarms hundreds of bait fish - causing a massive feeding frenzy in your spot. The game fish (any species) will not be able to resist all of that food in one large area!

It makes perfect sense that this secret will work on any fish that likes to feed on bait. (including fresh water fish!)

As long as the species of fish that you are trying to catch lives in the area where you are fishing, it will work.

Here is a list of the most popular species of fish that swarm to the Saltwater Fishing Secret in a feeding frenzy. We have gotten amazing reports from fishermen on all of these species:

Saltwater Fish

Freshwater Fish

Calico Bass
Gray Trout
Maco Shark
Red Snapper
Sea Bass
Speckled Trout
Striped Bass
Thresher Shark

Rock Fish
Yellow Bass

The list is long, and I am not going to list every single species that has been caught using the Saltwater Fishing Secret. Just remember the rule:

The Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon will work on any fish that has to eat!”

"...we had a great night, and here are two
pictures of the many fish we caught!"


I got to use the Saltwater Secret for the 1st time last night from the shore. It was real neat to see the plankton around it and the little bait fish. We had a great night, and here are two pictures of the best two of the many fish we caught! (One is a shark, which is very rare for this area, the other is a huge Striper)

Can't wait to use the Secret again!"

Mark S. Punzelt
Madison, CT

Striper - 48" long, 42 lbs., winner of the Saltwater Secret fishing contest!

"After about 10 minutes there were probaly 200-300 minnows swimming in a circle around the Secret..."

(Click "play" to hear his phone message)


Last night my friend and I used the Saltwater Secret Weapon for the first time. All I can say is WOW!!! Here is how it went. This is all absolutely the truth and can be verified with my partner.

We were planning to go out on the lake on Saturday night, so we decided to go out Friday night and see how it worked on baitfish, and hopefully fill up on minnows for the next night. We did not have much time and all of this happened in the course of about 45 minutes.

We went to a boat launch area and put the "secret" in about 6' of water next to the dock. I turned it on and within 2 minutes minnows started to appear all around the spot.

After about 10 minutes there were probaly 200-300 minnows swimming in a circle around the "secret". My friend put a seine in the water in front of their route and brought up a dozen or more each time. I went back to the truck and got my rod, and I am glad I did.

I rigged up one of the minnows and began to fish. This is now about 25 minutes after we started. Now there are too many minnows to count. I fished the edges of the bait and within 5 minutes I caught a small crappie. We estimate that by now there was well over 1000 minnows just circling.

At this point we started to notice noise of minnows jumping out of the water around the edges. We could only attribute this to the game fish coming in and chasing the bait.

Next, within about 10 minutes I had 2 good hits that I missed setting the hook, (my fault - I was too busy watching the school of bait fish circling below) Then we noticed the time and decided to wrap it up. We had about 100 good 2"-4" shiners and we said one more cast. This time about 1 minute and something nailed my minnow so hard it bent my rod seriously and pulled the knot off of my hook. (Next time I will remember to check that before I cast)

During this someone came in off the lake with a boat and said he had been out for about 4 1/2 hours and had hardly a bite. I did not have the heart to tell him how we were doing.

I would have to say this "secret" really works and will definitely be a part of our tackle for fishing and catching bait for many years to come."


Michael Hafer
Birdsboro, PA

"What Kind Of Bait Does
The Saltwater Fishing Secret Attract?"

You will swarm a variety of bait fish native to your fishing spot when you use the "Saltwater Fishing Secret". I can't possibly list them all.

The bottom line is, whatever natural live bait are in the area when you activate the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" will come swarming into your spot within 40 minutes...just like clockwork!

If you are fishing in saltwater, you will get swarms of bait like:

Squid, Mackerel, Sardines, Anchovies, Ladyfish, Pogies, Fatbacks, Ballyhoo, Herring, Scad, Minnows, Pinfish, Silversides, and more!

If you are fishing in freshwater, you will see hundreds of bait swarming into your spot like:

Minnows, Crabs, Worms, Bugs, Shiner, Smelt, and almost everything else in your area.

Here is the best part...

The BIG eat the small. That is just how nature works.

With all of that bait in the water splashing and feeding...

What game fish wouldn’t be “licking his chops” with that tasty bait ALL in one place?

Get your rig ready, the game fish will shoot into your spot like torpedoes a few minutes later!

"...there was a big ball of bait fish all around the boat."

"We had gotten to the anchor spot just before dark, and we set up the Saltwater Secret Weapon. 30 minutes later there was a big ball of bait fish all around the boat. Knowing that the bait we had on our boat was mostly dead, we scooped up the little native bait fish that were now everywhere. We pinned them using an o-sliding sinker rig and threw them back out. An 8 pound Calico Bass slammed mine immediately! We are able to use the Saltwater Secret to catch bait fish anytime we need."

Scott Eddy
Santa Clarita, California

(Click the play button to hear him)

A damn pretty Calico Bass using natural live bait
collected by the Secret!

"The bites started coming, and they did not stop."

"Hi Dan -

Here are the pictures, it normally takes a lot longer to catch this many. I just knew it would work when I saw your site, but when I used it for the first time it blew my friend Jackson and I away. The bites started coming and they did not stop, even after it got light out we could still see the bait fish swimming around from the reflection of the sun off the sides of them. I could talk all day about what my friend and I witnessed. I hope this stays a secret and does not become too popular. Well, time to go fishing!

(Click the "play" button to hear what else Anthony said)

Anthony Anastasi
Sault Saint Marie, Michigan

P.S. By the way we let a lot more go than we took home."

Just one of the "beauties" Anthony brought up using the fish pulling power of the
"Saltwater Fishing Secret"!

Works From Shore, Boat, Dock, Pier, And More
(Even Wade Fishing!)

When you receive your "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon", you need to find an object that you can tie it to. This could be the side of your boat, a dock, a pier, a tree, or anything else you can find.

You also need to be at a spot where the water is at LEAST 5-6 feet deep. (some use it in shallow water, some use it deep sea fishing)

As you lower the Saltwater Fishing Secret into the water and begin the process you will almost immediately notice something special will begin to happen. You'll see millions of "zooplankton" begin to collect, and then HUNDREDS of natural live-bait and game fish shoot into the area, feeding!

You Will Catch Tons Of Fish In Oceans, Lakes, Ponds, And Almost Any Body Of Water!

Because of the scientific method that the Saltwater Fishing Secret uses to swarm fish to your fishing spot, almost all types of saltwater fishermen (including freshwater guys) have reported “jaw-dropping” results!

It doesn’t matter if you fish in the ocean, or in lakes and ponds, you can expect a swarm of fish within 40 minutes every time out. (in some cases less than 15 minutes!)

The reason it works in all of these bodies of water is simple. The zooplankton organisms (the food that bait fish can't resist) are in all bodies of water...

No matter where you fish, once you activate the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" the zooplankton are attracted by the millions! Next come the hundreds of bait fish - and then the game fish. They all swarm to your spot, and you can catch them as fast as you can bait, cast, and reel!

"...within an hour there were bunker swarming around the boat."

"Dan - I had just dropped the saltwater secret in the water and within an hour there were bunker swarming around the boat. I was able to scoop up a couple with my bait net. I baited up with one and dropped it to the bottom. It sat for a couple of minutes with the bail open, all quiet. Then I closed the bail and slowly lifted the pole to see if I could feel any hits. Instantly I felt that striper whack that bunker. Seemingly as soon as I slowly moved that bait, He hit it, and hit it hard!"

David Cochran
Plainfield, NJ

Striper - 37" long, 20 lbs.
Caught 5/7/2005 around 7pm
Using the "Saltwater Secret"

"I kept catching fish as fast as I could get a minnow on my hook."


I tried the Saltwater Secret this weekend for the first time on Pymatuning Lake which is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Everything went exactly as your articles said it would. I started fishing around 11:00 P.M. and put it in the water. Within 5 minutes, small shad showed up and congregated around.

Within an hour, there were hundreds of mixed size shad making counterclockwise rotations around the spot. The schooling shad kept getting thicker and thicker. I started fishing immediately after I turned it on and fishing was slow for the first ten minutes but as the shad schools kept getting thicker, the crappie moved in and I kept catching fish as fast as I could get a minnow on my hook.

I was using a crappie rig with two hooks and I caught quite a few "double headers". My fishing trip lasted for about three hours and I caught the biggest stringer of crappie that I ever caught. I can't wait until my next outing!"

George Dowling.
Gibsonia, PA

Crappie fishermen also love using The Secret
to bring in loads of ravenous crappie - FAST!

Amazing Results In Any Season,
Winter (Yes, Even In Ice), Spring, Summer, or Fall

The science behind the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" is the swarm of zooplankton which brings tons of bait fish and game fish. And, get this...

The zooplankton organisms behave the exact same way in cold water and warm water! In fact, my customers and I see the same amazing results in every season - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Even if you are ice fishing in some of the northern states, the food chain of feeding started by the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" works just as well.

The swarm of feeding fish also occurs through the hottest days of summer. The science that the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" uses to bring the zooplankton, bait fish, and game fish to your fishing spot holds true in all weather conditions - in every season of the year!

"...the Saltwater Secret really works!"

"I caught a 50 lb. redfish, 10 ball reds, 25 speckled trout, and 2 reds that were over 31 inches using my Saltwater Fishing Secret in just two hours. We were fishing at Green Isle, Louisiana on Labor Day weekend. There is no doubt in my mind that the Saltwater Secret Weapon really works!"

Tommy Abbott
Greenwell, Louisiana

"I've never seen anything like it
in all my fishing experience."

Hi Dan!

I used your Fishing Secret for the first time on a night fishing trip for Crappie at Lake Georgetown just West of Georgetown, Texas.

We had been fishing this lake off and on for a couple of years with very little success, but your Fishing Secret made all the difference in the world. After an hour in the water, there were literally thousands of tiny bait fish and minnows swimming around the secret from top to bottom. It looked like a "primordial soup". I have never seen anything like it in all my fishing experience. Then large fish began to show up in the shadows just deep enough to see their size.

We caught 2 medium size Bass and 10 Crappie in about 2 hours in a spot where we had never caught fish before. Can't wait till our next trip to see what kind of results we have.

Thanks for a great fishing aid!

Paul Stephens,
Round Rock, Texas

Do You Want To Spend Your TIME Catching Fish, Instead Of Just Looking For Them?

Have you ever realized that sometimes you spend more time looking for fish than you spend actually catching them? (I have absolutely no patience and move from “spot to spot” way too much when the going gets tough!)

Problem solved! The Saltwater Fishing Secret will make sure that your time is spent fighting the biggest game fish in your spot, rather than fighting boredom and frustration.

Do you know what the most exciting thing about fishing is?

KNOWING that almost immediately after you drop it down, you will feel a sharp tug on the end of the line as fish strike your bait.

That is EXACTLY what the Saltwater Fishing Secret will do for you. Do not waste your time looking for fish -- use the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" to bring hundreds of them to you in less than 40 minutes...

"By midnight there was a solid wall of fish..."

Speckled trout 28 inches on left, 29 inches on right

(Clck the play button to herar what Mike said)

"By midnight there was a solid wall of fish... speckled trout. We caught 4 different species of fish, red fish, black drum, flounder, and speckled trout using the Saltwater Secret.

I hadn't caught a single trout over the limit all year, but that night I caught big trout after big trout - all over the limit..."

Mike Morley
San Juan, Texas

"...the results have without a doubt put me on
another level of fishing."


I used it the first time, and could not believe the amount of bait fish in such a short period of time. Buying bait will never happen again, and I want to thank you. I am very pleased with the Saltwater Fishing Secret, and the results have without a doubt put me on another level of fishing."

Rob Schry,
Demossville, Kentucky

See The Swarm Of Fish For Yourself...
I Got It On Video!

Every single time I use the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" to draw a huge swarm of fish to my spot I get excited! Not only because of the anticipation I feel - wondering how big the next "monster" I pull up is going to be...

But also because right there, in front of my very eyes, is nature's food chain working it's magic. I can create a food chain feeding frenzy any time I want, and use it to catch tons of fish (and live bait)!

Recently I took my video camera out on the water so I could "capture" the swarm of fish on video. What you see next is the type of swarm that the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon brings to my spot every time - and it will work for you too!

The video was taken 35 minutes after I started using the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" – the fish were already swarming around the boat!

Just click the “play” button below to see it for yourself...

If you look closely, you will see the Saltwater Fishing Secret swarming the fish
(I'm sorry it is very dark, obviously it was taken at night))

If you are having problems viewing the movie, right-click here to download it!
(Note: The quality above is low for dial-up users, download it for top quality, here's how!

I can build a swarm of fish (like in the video) any time I go fishing. It only takes between 30 and 40 minutes.

It will work for you too. And once the swarm builds up, the bigger game fish will be on your bait like “white on rice”!

" could actually hear them slamming into the hull of the boat..."


Here's my story...

Once "Joe" and I launched my skiff out of Daytona Beach, FL and found it was too rough offshore to get out of the inlet safely. We anchored in a small lagoon about 5-6 feet deep and turned on the Saltwater Secret Weapon just to see what would happen while we waited for the tides to change. Joe had never see anything like this before and was amazed as minnows began to swarm in a clockwise circle. After a few more minutes there were so many bait fish attacking the minnows that you could actually hear them slamming into the hull of the boat as they slashed their way through the Glass Minnows. Then the Sea Turtles showed up and came straight at the boat and at the last second dove under the hull barely missing it.

Dolphins were just out of radius of the swarm swimming around us catching fish on the "edge". We caught so many large baitfish.... that my livewell was choking on them. We had to quit at midnight due to the livewell barely being able to keep them alive. Joe commented that as well as the Saltwater Secret worked in shallow water he wanted nothing to do with it "offshore"! He was afraid to even think of what might be lurking underneath the boat out there in the dark.

Another friend up in the Panhandle (St. Marks area) laughed and scoffed at me for wasting my money. I finally made it up there and we went out about 9 miles in the Gulf one night. I setup the Saltwater Secret and the baitfish rolled in followed by Squid and other critters. He threw out a live Pinfish into the "outer darkness" and immediately was on with a Kingfish. Next cast almost immediately he was on with a Cobia. Then a large Shark came in and waited patiently just outside of the radius of the swarm and once in a while would sneak in a little closer and then glide back out into the darkness. We estimated that Shark was at least 10 feet. We never could get hooked up with the Shark but did so well we didn't care. Kevin was so excited about the Saltwater Fishing Secret he told me he had no idea something like that would work so well. When we got home the first thing he did was tell his wife he had to have the "Saltwater Secret". She couldn't believe the change in his attitude.

Thanks so much Dan."

Woodrow Bryan
Daytona Beach, Florida

"We saw more minnows than we've
ever seen before..."


We saw more minnows than we've ever seen before in the water, actually we've never seen that many at one time - ever! The Saltwater Fishing Secret does work and it works well. The first thing my wife told me when we reached the shore was that she wanted to keep the Saltwater Secret. So we're keepin it!"

Kirk Pierce,
Shelby, Montana

Do You Want To Save Money By
Catching Your Own Live Bait?

”The More You Fish, The More $$ You SAVE!”

There is another HUGE benefit to using the Saltwater Fishing Secret when you go fishing. Think about this…

You lower the Saltwater Secret into the water and bait fish begin to swarm...

After only 30-40 minutes the swarm will be so thick you can simply dip a large (or small) net into the water and scoop out dozens of fresh, NATURAL, HOPPIN' live-bait! (read on to SEE me doing this)

These are the exact bait that the game fish feed on naturally.

So, not only are you swarming BIG game fish into your fishing spot, but you are able to serve them fresh bait fish of the exact kind they normally eat!

This natural bait will be IRRESISTABLE to game fish, especially when caught up in the feeding frenzy. Once they bite down on the “wrong bait” (the one on your hook), you’ve got him!

Realistically, the Saltwater Fishing Secret can pay for itself in less than a year if you use it to catch your own live bait. (with normal use)

Until I got the "Saltwater Fishing Secret” I would spend $26 to fill up my bait container EVERY TIME.

Now, I spend exactly $0 on live-bait. I catch it all myself with the Saltwater Fishing Secret, saving me A LOT of money over time.

Even if you spend only HALF of what I did on bait ($13), you would only need to go fishing with the Saltwater Secret about 15 times to get back your investment.

"...for the next 7 hours, we caught loads of fish!"

"Dear Dan,

Tried the secret for the first time. We were on the water at 11:00pm. We dropped it in, and it was a little show for the first 10 minutes. Then, my gosh, for the next 7 hours (that's right, 7 hours), we caught loads of fish! Went the next night and got the same results. Then, for the third straight night we continued to catch all we could handle.

You have sold me, and I am grateful."

Thanks again,

Rocky Brown
Inola Oklahoma

"...I am going to buy another one from you
and give it to my brother."

"Hi Dan -

Last night we were out in the sea, and I was happy to see for myself the swarming bait fish. Using the Saltwater Fishing Secret, I really catch more fish!

My brother was surprised to see the swarming bait fish and he is interested in owning one too, so I am going to buy another one from you and give it to my brother.

Even my friends were also surprised to see the swarming bait fish!

Thank you Dan and best regards."


Ely Coprada,
Phillipine Islands

It Is So Easy To Catch Live Bait - Watch This!

I filled up my entire bait tank using only a 4-inch hand held fishing net, and I just had to show you a quick video showing just how easy it is... it took only 10 minutes to catch all of the bait we needed!

Catching live bait fish was never this easy!

If you are having problems viewing the movie, right-click here to download it!
(Note: The quality above is low for dial-up users, download it for top quality, here's how!

Imagine how quickly you can catch bait using a larger net, or even a "throw" net. You will be able to catch all of the bait that you need in minutes!

It Will Double Your Catches And Fill Your Tank With Live Bait - But What The Heck Is It?

The "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon" was first discovered in 1947 and has been kept a secret by a small group of fishermen for over 50 years - because it is so powerful.

Here is my worst fear about revealing the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" on this website...

The Internet is huge, and if I was to reveal the secret on this website - showing pictures and diagrams - the Asian markets would be quick to respond and develop cheap knock-off products.

The truth is, every "Saltwater Fishing Secret" relies on a delicate balance of materials - giving each one maximum fish attraction...

Not only are they "Made in the U.S.A" with high-grade, industrial strength materials - but certain combinations of materials are required to create the largest swarms of fish. A cheap knockoff product just wouldn't cut it - and would completely ruin the credibility of the "Saltwater Fishing Secret".

That is the reason why the "Saltwater Secret" still needs to be protected from being shown on the Internet. I am content to sell them slowly to the lucky 1% of fishing insiders through this website - and the few small shops who offer it around the country.

It is my responsibility to protect this amazing fishing weapon. I just can't reveal it on this website, but I can tell you what it's NOT, and give some small details...

It Is Not Any Of These Things...

The Saltwater Fishing Secret is NOT an over-priced computer fish finder.

These are getting more complicated every year. I am sick and tired of watching for little dots (fish) on a computer screen. I have found that these devices are completely misleading a lot of the time (though sometimes they are handy). On top of that, most of the modern ones cost a fortune.

It is also NOT some new-fangled jig or artificial lure.

There are a lot of them out there that are nothing but a big waste of time.

It is NOT an electrical downrigger, or any device that emits an electrical charge (or sound) to attract fish.

These will bring some fish, sometimes…however, they do not bring the sheer numbers of swarming fish like the Saltwater Fishing Secret does.

It is NOT a chemical or biological fish attractant.

The Saltwater Fishing Secret HAS NOTHING TO DO with your rod, reel, or fishing tackle.

It works side-by-side with Mother Nature to start a feeding frenzy in your fishing spot.

The bottom line is, there are a lot of products in the fishing industry that do not work as advertised.

The Saltwater Fishing Secret is NOT one of these “cheap tricks”. Again, don’t take my word for it...

"We often catch all of our bait in one or two throws with a throw net."

"I am a owner/operator of a fishing charter service. Nothing even comes close to the bait attracting power of the Saltwater Fishing Secret. It does attract bait and fish like a magnet! We often catch all of our bait in one or two throws with a throw net. It has saved me Endless Hours of netting bait. It really boils down to having the right tool to get the job done!"

Mike Brown, PA

Do You Already Know About
The “Saltwater Fishing Secret”?

Have you heard of a fishing product that is…

Over 4 feet long
Powered by a 12-volt battery (like a car battery or the battery on a boat)

Important: Need a battery? Get one in our "Saltwater Fishing Secret" gold package offer here.
3 and a half pounds in weight
Is more effective in the evening, night, or early morning fishing
Is used in saltwater AND freshwater to swarm fish to your spot in a massive FEEDING FRENZY
Can be used from shore, boat, dock, or even from a kayak
Swarms hundreds of bait and game fish to your spot within 40 minutes!
Built with industrial-strength materials, lasts for over 10 years!

If you are like 99% of the fishermen out there, you have never heard of such a thing. There is an even smaller chance that you own one.

You will not find the Saltwater Fishing Secret in more than a handful of specialty fishing shops throughout the country. It has been so closely guarded since 1947 that only 1% of fishermen are even aware of it!

BELIEVE ME when I say it…

“If you had seen the Saltwater Fishing Secret, YOU WOULD KNOW!”

There is really just one other thing you need to use the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" to catch more fish...

The Power Source For The
Saltwater Fishing Secret

It takes a just 2 seconds to hook the Saltwater Fishing Secret to it’s power source - a 12-volt battery (like an old car battery, or the battery on a boat if you have one)…

Simply hook the “black” wire to negative and the “red” wire to positive. The below picture says it all…

Easy Saltwater Secret set up, the fish will be swarming in no time!
Free bait
, and lots of game strikes!

Boat owners: you can use the battery on the boat. (The Saltwater Fishing Secret uses very little power (1.5 amps) – I can leave it running all night without draining the battery much at all)

Non boat owners: Don’t have a 12-volt battery? No problem! You can find them at any sporting goods store, or you can get one from me! (Available on the secure order page)

Here Are The Big "Fish Catching" Benefits
You'll Get When You Sign Up For Your Own
"Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon" Today!

You will at least DOUBLE your catches using this amazing fishing weapon from 1947! Once you start the food chain feeding cycle with the "Saltwater Secret", you will catch game fish one after another - it works for me and over a hundred other fishermen!
Catch hundreds of bait fish that have swarmed to your spot using a fishing net! Just dip a small hand net, or use a large throw net, to fill up your bait container in just minutes!
Save hundreds of dollars on live bait over time! You can catch hundreds of natural live-bait, and won't have to pay for it anymore... imagine the savings over just a few months!
Save hours of your time - no longer do you have to spend hours finding the fish - using the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" you can bring hundreds of fish to YOU in less than 40 minutes, every single time!
You will have 100% assurance of a long-term increase in fishing success. Built to last. Over 10 years of double the catches, and swarms of bait - saving time and money!

4 FREE GIFTS And Step-By-Step
"Saltwater Fishing Secret" Action Guide
If You Sign Up Today, !

FREE GIFT #1 - "Saltwater Secret" Carrying Case ($39.95 Value)

The “Saltwater Fishing Secret” to hooking more game fish, and saving money on bait
(it is inside of it’s carrying case!)

You will protect your "Saltwater Fishing Secret" with the industrial-strength carrying case, built to last a lifetime. It is easy to transport, and protects your investment when in storage.

FREE GIFT #2 - "Top 10 Evening Fishing Discoveries" ($77 Value)

When you sign up for the "Saltwater Fishing Secret", you get my “Top 10 Evening Fishing Discoveries” ($77 value) absolutely FREE! (If you sign up NOW)

These Evening Discoveries are based on over 2000 hours of real experience – straight from the mouths of the experts. It has taken me well over a month of research to pull together these expert tips and boil them down into the evening fishing “golden bells” that will blow you away!

You can't get the "Top 10 Evening Fishing Discoveries" anywhere else! It is only available when you sign up to receive the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" package.

These are just a few of the questions that the book will help you answer…

Half of all bites that happen at night are completely missed by fishermen. What 3 special methods can be used to make sure you sense every bite?
What is the single biggest key to evening fishing success that 90% of all anglers don't realize? (Hint: it has to do with bait, but not bait on your hook!)
How do fish hunt differently in the evening, and what special rod handling techniques can you use to stimulate 50% more big game strikes?

These discoveries are the perfect compliment to the Saltwater Fishing Secret. The book is YOURS TO KEEP as a FREE GIFT even if you decide not to keep the Saltwater Secret Weapon.

FREE GIFT #3 - Free Shipping ($49.00 Value!)

I am so confident you will catch more fish, I will pay to send it to you!

When you sign up for the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" package, I will personally pay the $49.00 in shipping fees to have this amazing fishing secret at your door in 5-7 business days.

Just Imagine . . .

When you sign up today, you will get the Saltwater Fishing Secret in time to start your 90-DAY TRIAL RUN next weekend!

Then you will be able to SEE FOR YOURSELF the frenzy of fish that will swarm to your favorite spot - ready to murder your bait!

FREE GIFT #4 - 1 Year Warranty ($100 Value!)

Full 1 year warranty on all parts and full operation of the "Saltwater Fishing Secret". I am currently waiving the warranty fee for my Internet customers only as part of my marketing test.

I am taking a risk by offering the warranty free of charge, but I am very confident that each "Saltwater Fishing Secret" will work perfectly for at least 10 years! Here's why...

Each Saltwater Secret is fully tested before I ship it to you. There has been only ONE defect in over 2 years of selling the product locally.

I honored the warranty and repaired it for him at NO CHARGE. This guy was so desperate to get it back that he called me for 3 days straight until he received his fully repaired Saltwater Fishing Secret.

It is just more proof that once you use the Saltwater Secret it is hard to ever go fishing without it.

ALSO INCLUDED - Step-By-Step "Saltwater Secret" Action Guide

I am not going to send you the "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon" and leave you "hanging out to dry". I don't work that way.

I have prepared the "Saltwater Secret" Action Guide, where I show you step-by-step - how you can quickly and easily use it to:

Catch tons of fish by swarming hundreds of them to your spot using the "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon".
Catch your own live bait, saving you hundreds of dollars over time.
Save hours of your time, you won't have to play the waiting game, going from spot to spot - you will be able to bring the fish to you!

It also reveals the proven methods for using it. Whether you fish in the ocean or freshwater – you will know exactly how to use it in the MOST effective ways.

Here is an example of part of the "Saltwater Secret" Action Guide (page 4):

The next step is to use the loophole on the end to attach a 3-6 pound weight. This will ensure that it will remain submerged, even in rough waters. This is essential for maximum effectiveness…

(Minutes away from starting the Saltwater Fishing Secret cycle for
swarming fish - almost there!)

"Dan, This Sounds Great!
I Am Interested In Using The Saltwater Secret
To Double My Catches, And Swarm
Hundreds Of Fish!"

I wish I could see the look on your face the first time you use your "Saltwater Fishing Secret" and see the water come ALIVE with hundreds of feeding fish!

I will ship your "Saltwater Fishing Secret" package today (or the following business day) including the FOUR FREE GIFTS - The "Saltwater Secret" Carrying Case, The Book "Top 10 Evening Fishing Discoveries", The Free Shipping, And Free 1 Year Warranty ... right now! (and just wait until you see my guarantee!)

How much is all of this worth? Let me break it down for you...

I have used many fish finders. If there are fish around, they show up as little blips on the screen – SOMETIMES. The problem is that they can be VERY misleading. (it shows blips, but there are no fish!)

The latest models run in excess of $495! A little too pricey for something that works only sometimes. There are NO guarantees, and the more modern ones can be complicated to use.

Ever use an electric downrigger? These send out an unpredictable electrical charge which attracts fish. They work pretty good, but you will pay! They range in price from $250 - $500 – and that’s not including the rod holders!

My fishing buddies and I agree that it is best to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Using the Saltwater Fishing Secret the fish will swarm to YOU! There is no need to monitor a computer screen or send electrical charges into the water...

So do you think I’m going to ask $495 for the “Saltwater Fishing Secret”?


Alright, would you be happy if I asked HALF of that, a price of $250?


You get the following:

  • The Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon ($277 Retail)
  • The Carrying Case ($39.95 Value)
  • The "Saltwater Secret" Action Guide
  • "Top 10 Evening Fishing Discoveries" ($77 Value)
  • Free Shipping ($49 Value)
  • 1-year warranty ($100 Value)

Not for $495, not even for $250 - but for the VERY LOW Internet price of just $195! That is 30% OFF the retail price of $277 (see the discount below)...

(Only guaranteed until Midnight, Sunday, )

The retail price of the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" package is $277, but I am offering a 30% discount to Internet customers only. However, I can only guarantee this low price of $195 until midnight this Sunday. (you'll find out exactly why below)

That is $542.95 of value for only $195 ! (30% OFF the retail price of $277!)

You will catch an unlimited amount of fish for just a DIME per fishing trip! Check this out...

The average life span of the “Saltwater Fishing Secret” is 2000 fishing trips (over 10,000 hours)! At the low price of $195, you are literally spending just a DIME per trip!

Imagine being able to pay 1 measly dime each time you go fishing to double your catches, and get all of the bait you could ever use!

All you have to do is use a net to scoop it up from the huge ball of bait that will mass to your fishing spot. In 6 – 12 months of solid fishing, your Saltwater Secret Weapon will pay for itself with all of the live bait you catch.

Here's why you need to hurry...

I am worried that the Asian markets will find out about the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" and come up with cheap knock-off products...

That would not only hurt my business, but would also ruin the credibility of the "Saltwater Fishing Secret". Not only are high quality materials needed to produce it, but a delicate balance of these materials are needed to give the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" maximum fish attraction.

A cheap knockoff wouldn't be nearly as effective, and would give the "Saltwater Secret" a bad name, really hurting my business. So...

I have set aside only 200 "Saltwater Secret" packages to be sold through this website, and am offering them at a 30% Internet discount! My Internet marketing experiment is almost over, all 200 are almost gone! Once they are all sold, I am going to pull the entire offer from this website...

Then, I will wait a few months to make sure no knockoff products have come into the market. Only then will I offer the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" for sale through the Internet again, but I will be testing a much higher price (and removing all FREE BONUSES - charging for each!)

How To Sign Up For The "Saltwater Fishing Secret" Today, Before The Internet Offer Ends...

Now this is real simple...

Just click the blue order link down below. You will be sent to a webpage where you will select either the "Saltwater Secret Gold Package" (includes a battery and charger), or the "Saltwater Secret Basic Package"...

Next, you will be sent to my secure order page where you will enter your complete address and credit card information. I use OneShoppingCart™, the leader in business transactions on the Internet. Your credit card information is immediately deleted from the system after you order.

Advances in technology have made credit card transactions absolutely

Once you have filled out the information I will send it out to you right away! You will get a receipt for your order, and will receive your "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon" package in just 5-7 business days!

Click here to order now

If you still have any hesitation of ordering online, click here to send a check or money order for the Saltwater Secret Gold Package.

You can also click here to send a check or money order for the Saltwater Secret Basic Package.

Make sure to do it *NOW* to make sure you get a "Saltwater Fishing Secret" before all 200 are gone. If I receive your check or money order too late, I will send your payment back to you immediately.

The "Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon"
90-Day (3 Full Months)
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

The "Saltwater Fishing Secret" is doubling catches for over 100 fishermen all over the world. I am going to send you this powerful fishing weapon right now so you can start catching tons of fish just like them.

But I don't want you to take any risk, and I want you to feel completely comfortable doing business with me...

I believe in this 1947 fishing secret 100%, and I am willing to take all of the risk - because I know it will work for you too. Here's the deal...

When you put down your deposit today, you will have 90 days (a full 3 months!) to put the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" to any test you can think of. If, at any time, you feel it does not meet your high expectations - and do exactly what I say it does - you can send it back to me...

Dan Eggertsen
217 South Main Street
Shelbyville, TN 37160

Toll Free: 877-564-7273

I will refund every penny you paid, on the spot - with no questions asked!

I know this guarantee seems almost crazy... but I have no doubt in my mind that the Saltwater Fishing Secret will double your catches and swarm hundreds of fish to your spot - just like it does for me, and hundreds of others...

"It's one of the most valuable pieces of fishing equipment I own!"

"As a licensed fishing guide, I find the Saltwater Fishing Secret invaluable. It saves me a lot of time and backbreaking work, and time is money. It's one of the most valuable pieces of fishing equipment I own!"

Chad Setter, PA

Click Here To Sign Up For The
"Saltwater Fishing Secret"
Package Now!

"It takes a man of his word to be that sincere and professional..."

"Dear Dan!

Thanks for the prompt response! Once again that is just another link in the chain that seals the deal (so to speak) in the trust department. It takes a man of his word to be that sincere and professional to take the time from his busy day to write an E-mail to a single individual. I appreciate all of your help, you didn't have to do that for me, that is yet another true sign of a sincere business professional. I feel quite sure that you will do extremely well with your Saltwater Fishing Secret if you continue to treat your customers with that type of respect..."

Charles J. Eckert Jr.

"Thank you very much for your honesty."


Thank you very much for your honesty and prompt response to my request. It is refreshing in this day and age to see that there is still some honest people out there who are not just trying to scam people...thanks again good fishin and God bless...."

Sean Browning
Oklahoma City, OK

"Very decent of you to credit me back."

"Hi Dan,

Thanks for chasing the order. I am sorry to hear that shipping was unsuccessful. Very decent of you to credit me back.


Ed Varrie
Jersey (C.I.) , United Kingdom

Don't decide whether you want the "Saltwater Fishing Secret" now. Just take 2 minutes and sign up for the "Saltwater Secret" package right away (to make sure you get one before it's too late). Then decide if you want to keep it after you have put it to the test for up to 90 days (3 full months!).

Click here to sign up through our secure order form, now.

This may be your last chance to have one of your own. That is why you need to ACT NOW and sign up for the Saltwater Fishing Secret 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Then decide if you want to keep it.

Try it. If you don’t like it, send it back. It’s THAT simple.

Give me a call TOLL FREE to ask any questions you may have (I have an automated service, but will get back to you within 24 hours – please forgive me, I am a very small operation with a lot of calls!).

My toll free number is 877-564-7273.

I do not hide behind my computer screen and will answer any questions you may have!

I appreciate your business today, and can't wait to send it out to you immediately. In just a few days you will see for yourself how many more fish you will catch from the swarm of hundreds!

Gone Fishin',

Daniel Eggertsen
President and Founder, Saltwater Fishing Secret

P.S. When you use the Saltwater Fishing Secret, you will be amazed by the swarm of fish it will bring to your fishing spot. It is the most powerful method of starting a feeding frenzy right in front of your eyes! Click here to order and take advantage of my 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee, from the secure server!

P.P.S. For just $.10 per fishing trip (that’s right, a DIME), you will be the envy of all your fishing buddies. And with the 4 FREE GIFTS - “Top 10 Evening Fishing Discoveries”, The Saltwater Secret Carrying Case, Free Shipping, and 1-Year Warranty included, you will get the most out of your investment. It has happened a hundred times . . . the skeptics turn into believers when they open up the shipping box and see the “Saltwater Fishing Secret” for the first time. Just wait until you TRY IT!

P.P.P.S. If for ANY REASON you are unsatisfied with the “Saltwater Fishing Secret”, simply send it back to the below address within 90 days in its original box for a FULL REFUND of every penny you paid:

Dan Eggertsen
217 South Main Street
Shelbyville, TN 37160

Questions? Call Toll Free : 877-564-7273

Business Hours Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Pacific Standard Time

Internet supply is limited - once it is gone this offer ends!

Click Here To Sign Up Now

"My kid will never forget this night."

"Hi Dan,

Thank you a gazillion times for helping me when the Saltwater Fishing Secret package got damaged and you sent us a replacement. Thanks for your prompt call returns and your magnificent customer service. The moment I talked to you I told my family not to worry, you sound professional and caring for your customers. We went camping and fishing to San Luis reservoir in Los Banos California and tried it for the first time.

We got more than we dreamed of - catfish and striper. It was crazy, we had to release many of them since we had our limit. My kid will never forget this night - fishing from the bank with plastic lures and live bait. The action was great! My kid was trying his new pole, good drag and 15 pound test line with a wire leader. We fished for 1 1/2 hours with constant action. It took 35 minutes to bring this one to shore, and every one had to help (my wife and son included). Thank you for selling me the Saltwater Fishing Secret..."

Carlos Ramirez
Los Banos, California

Carlos told me later this fish almost pulled his kid in the water!
Grabbed his shirt to keep him on shore...

"...this thing really works!"

"Mr. Eggertsen, this is Mr. Lee and I am calling to personally thank you for introducing me to the Saltwater Fishing Secret, this thing really works! I have a friend that was curious about getting one also..."

(Click the "play" button to hear what Horace said)

Horace Lee
Lancaster, Texas

Saltwater Fishing Weapon
P.O. Box 3794
Ventura, CA 93006
Phone : 877-564-7273

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