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The Big Saltwater "Night Bite"

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Hi Fisherman,

You are getting the first saltwater fishing mini course issue because 20 days ago, you signed up for my saltwater fishing information.

The first thing I'm going to tell you today about saltwater fishing is really no secret. I'd say most fishermen know it's true.

Almost every saltwater fisherman has had a situation where they are having huge success at a certain spot - and all of the sudden, one day... nothing. Not even a nibble... and it never produces like it did in the past again. Some people think it's been "fished out"... they are usually very wrong.

Why the heck is that?

Well nobody knows for sure, but what is known is that sometimes - for some reason - game fish change their eating habits (also known as their "foraging" habits)... and there is a "quick fix" for stirring up all kinds of action in a spot that's gone dead...


Attack that spot at night...from sundown until 11pm or so. You'll notice a world of difference - the "nite bite" is on!

You see, most species of saltwater fish have a "nocturnal" feeding habit, and it's damn hard to get them to bite until the dinner bell goes off. In most areas , that dinner bell hits high gear just after sundown. And it rings for the next 4 or 5 hours.

Yep, I'm talkin' about night fishing - and as long as you're comfortable out in the evening and night time hours - you are in for a night of solid catches... and you may even get your "record" if you know what you are doing.

Obviously, make sure you bring a light so you can see what the heck you are doing, and all of the appropriate gear. When you hit the "nite bite" in full swing, you'll never go back to day time fishing again - unless you had to for some reason...

Anyway, what I just told you probably isn't a secret to you. I can hear you now, "Yeah, yeah, I already know about night fishing, been doin' it for years."... well, how bout this:

Have you ever "scouted" your night fishing spots during the day?

If you read my saltwater fishing secret special report I gave you almost 3 weeks ago, you know that finding the "stains" on the water is absolutely critical to pulling in as many fish as you can until your arms fall off. (By the way, if you still haven't gotten it, just grab it here: )

Anyway, if you go scouting through your favorite fishing spots during the day - be on the lookout for the plankton blooms - the stained water. If you see the stains during the day, odds are pretty damn good all that tasty plankton will be there at night!

Make a note of these spots (and make sure to check close to structure and spots with any kind of growth like weeds, kelp, seaweed, etc...), and hit them hard at night! You see, not only will there be a mess of bait and game fish in these spots, but you'll be serving up your bait at exactly the right time - right in the middle of dinner!

Bonus tip: If you can hear the bait swarming, make sure to not fish right in the middle of this swarm. You want to fish right underneath all of this activity. (Remember, keep your bait just a little bit off the bottom, so the game fish can take it easily. You will pull up all the fish you can handle, and you'll never come home empty handed, even in a spot that has stopped producing during the day.

...and remember, there is a secret weapon for creating an enormous plankton bloom in any spot. You can see the article here:

Not only will it:

* Double your saltwater catches

* Allow you to catch an unlimited amount of live bait (anytime you need it)

* Save hundreds of dollars on live bait

* Prevent "time wasting" fishing trips where you are constantly looking for fish (and not catching a damn thing)

...But it will also put you as one of the local "experts", and you will be the talk of other fishermen. It's funny how fast word travels when someone starts pulling up the fish non stop. Other fishermen will know who you are, and they'll be dying to find out what you are doing.

It's up to you if you tell them, or keep it a "secret".

Next up, in 4 days I'll show you a special "saltwater fishing checklist" you'll go through when using the secret weapon - you'll also learn why it works, and why science can teach us a lot about how to catch lots of fish. For now, get in touch with your local "night bite" - you'll love it!

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Saltwater Fishing Secret

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