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Saltwater "Drifting" And Freshwater Lures?

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Hi Fisherman,

It was 28 days ago that you signed up for my saltwater fishing information, and that's why you are getting day #2 of my saltwater fishing mini course where I am going to talk about 3 different things regarding catching fish in saltwater.

I'd guess that 90% of saltwater fishermen use some form of live (or cut) bait.

Well, as the first tip of this issue, try this.

Use a 3 inch plastic lure, take it to the bottom, throw your rod in a rod holder, and let the wind and current take it along the bottom. It will bounce along the bottom naturally, and this is a great way to stimulate some instant strikes.

This technique will work on almost anything that happens to be in that spot.

The next thing I want to talk about is "line time". This technique follows one of my favorite philosophies about fishing. If your line isn't in the water, you won't catch anything. So I like to find ways to keep my line in the water as much as possible.

Here is what you do. Take a small rapala and troll it whenever you are going from point a to point b. If you are moving at around trolling speed - ever - you need to have a rapala in the water. You'll be shocked how many strikes you'll get just moving from spot to spot.


Use a shallow running rapala or something like the Bill Dance fat free shad wraps which are narrow and deep diving.

Now, this leads me into my final tip for this issue. Use freshwater lures in saltwater!

I'm dead serious. Saltwater lures cost around $7 because of the "galvanized" metal that is used...but similar freshwater lures run about $3 each! Why the heck would you want to pay over twice as much?

I can hear you now. "Do freshwater lures work in saltwater?". I'll tell you - they work JUST AS WELL. The only thing you have to do is make sure to clean them off after use.

You'll save a ton, and get just as good results as you will with saltwater lures.

And if you want, you can even replace the hooks on the freshwater lures with some saltwater hooks.

In summary, there are 3 points I made in this issue. 1. Drop a plastic lure to the botton and let the wind and current drift it naturally along the bottom. 2. Always have a line in the water with a rapala when going from spot to spot. And... 3. Use less expensive freshwater lures in saltwater, they work just as well - just clean 'em!

Now, there is one more thing that I don't know if you have heard. Did you know that the technology behind the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon was tested by the University of Michigan?

Here is what they found:

"Researchers at the University of Michigan examined the responses of several species of zooplankton (little organisms that are the main source of food for bait fish).

The results of their work indicate that zooplankton have an overwhelming attraction to specific changes in the surrounding water.

Since this specific method causes the changes in the water to travel farther than any other method, it is the most effective at attracting and concentrating zooplankton.

- Frederick Smith and Edward Baylor,
University of Michigan"

...and you know what happens when you have a huge patch of zooplankton all in one place don't you? It's a fishing experience that I can only describe as "shocking". The water will be thick with feeding bait, and your hook will rarely go into the water without an instant strike from a hungry fish...

Someday, they'll be gone - and don't say I didn't warn you.

Look what Tommy has to say in the next secret weapon "case study"...


"I caught a 50 lb. redfish, 10 ball reds, 25 speckled trout, and 2 reds that were over 31 inches using my Saltwater Fishing Secret in just two hours. We were fishing at Green Isle, Louisiana on Labor Day weekend. There is no doubt in my mind that the Saltwater Secret Weapon really works!"

Tommy Abbott
Greenwell, Louisiana


4 days from now, I'll resume the secret weapon "checklist", and you'll find out what these guys are doing once they get to their favorite fishing spot... get ready for a "show" like you've never seen...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Saltwater Fishing Secret

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