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Saltwater Course Day #3, the 8 Great Truths Of Catching Fish

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Hi Fisherman,

How time flies... it's hard to believe it's been 36 days since you signed up for my saltwater fishing information - anyway, it's why you are getting Day #3 of the saltwater fishing mini course today...

When I'm talking to someone about fishing, I can almost always tell if the guy is "for real" or not. A lot of guys are so filled with pride, all they do is blow smoke - tell fishing stories that are exaggerated, or many
times not even true.

Same goes for the "tips" they throw around aimlessly.

That's why I try to talk to guys that have been catching fish for years... the quiet guys - most of whom are a LOT older than me. They won't often approach you, but if you give them a friendly "hello" - you'll probably come away with some of the best fishing advice you've ever heard.

The truth is, I've talked to hundreds of fishermen... and I only listen to the guys who have earned respect - the guys that have seen it all. I'd like to dedicate Day #3 to the guys preaching the "tried and true" methods of saltwater fishing. I've boiled all of their tips down to the "8 Great Truths Of Catching Fish", and here they are.


1. When fishing with a rod and reel (like most of you will do), nothing beats 2/0 eagle claw baitholder hooks. You'll rarely miss a good strike - but it's important to keep them sharp. If you do, they will almost set themselves. The reason for a smaller hook is you will get more strikes, and if the hook is small, it will still be hidden by the bait on the hook.

2. As with most species, find underwater shelters such as man-made submerged object, fallen trees, piles of rocks, and any other underwater structure... and the best? Underwater BRUSH piles! Talk about a massive
"plankton bloom" - you are talking thousands of natural live bait fish in your area... and that will bring the game fish in droves. Find out where these spots are, ask around, look for 'em. It will be worth your while, big time.

3. Create your own "chum bucket" of garden snails! I'm serious. Here is what you do: Bag up a bunch of garden snails and lower then to the bottom with a weight. They will bubble because of othe saltwater and this
will attract tons of fish like Sheephead, Reds, White Seabass, etc... works great!

4. Is your bait looking pretty sluggish, maybe even about to die? Here's a quick and easy tip to "bleed" some life back into them. Take a recent catch, and bleed it into the bait tank. Don't be shy about the amount of blood. It contains high amounts of vitamin E that will instantly perk up your dying bait!

5. After talking to lots of old school saltwater fishermen, here are the best baits - in order starting with the best:

* Squid

* Shrimp

* Sardines

* Live smelt

* Anchovies

* Mackeral

* Pinfish

* Garden snails

6. Don't waste your time with bait that has been frozen. Only fish with live bait if you can - it will be so much more productive.

7. Trying to catch Mackeral for bait? Use chunky tuna catfood! But not just the catfood add a little bit of "glitter" to it, this really gets the Mackeral excited! You don't want to chum to much, but build a "ladder" of chum to your boat for easy catching.

8. The best time to go out saltwater fishing is 1 hour before and after a high tide! This information has been tested in a variety of locations and this time frame always brings home the "bacon" when it comes to catching
lots of fish, fast!

And of course, the best "secret" to catching fish in saltwater is to find that zooplankton bloom. And the best way to do that is to have a Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon on board to create a large bloom of zooplankton instantly, almost anywhere.

Some guys refuse to use it because it makes things "too easy" - and they are fishing for the challenge. Well, if you are one of these - that's fine, don't use it to catch game fish... use it to get natural live bait. In about 3 minutes with just a small net, you'll have all bait that you can handle.

Check it out here:

It's another long one, but here's another snippet from the next secret weapon case study:



I used it the first time, and could not believe the amount of bait fish in such a short period of time. Buying bait will never happen again, and I want to thank you. I am very pleased with the Saltwater Fishing Secret, and the results have without a doubt put me on another level of fishing."

Rob Schry,
Demossville, Kentucky


Next up, 4 days from now, I'll talk about the best "technique" for catching your own bait - and later, how to use the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon to actually catch fish. You'll love these insider "techniques"...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

The Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon

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