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Saltwater Course Day #4, Shrimp on Ice?

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Hi Fisherman,

44 days ago, you signed up for my saltwater fishing information, and today I want to tell you about a convenient method for keeping live shimp alive without the pain of keeping them in water in a live bait

This technique makes grabbing a shimp and baiting up much easier than having to grab one out of the live well...and they stay alive longer!

Here is what you do:

Have an ice chest on hand, and fill it halfway with crushed ice.

Then take a 30 page section of the newspaper and wet it down with saltwater.

Next, lay the wetted newspaper section on top of the crushed ice, and then put the live shrimp on top of that.

Now seal the ice chest, and only open it to grab a shrimp for bait.


You'll notice the shrimp will go into a "suspended" state - but no worries. This actually slows down their metabolism so that they live longer!

...and as soon as you put them on a hook and they hit the water, they come alive!

Shrimp is one of my favorite baits, and I use this method every time - it's just so easy.

Oh, and guess what? I never buy live shrimp, I catch it all with a special tool I've told you about in the past...

If you want something that's going to take your fishing to a whole new level - you've got to try my Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon. I know you're probably tired of me bringing it up, but I'm only doing it because I have never seen anything so effective for swarming thousands of bait, and hundreds of game fish.

Did you know that saltwater fishermen all over the country are using it year round? That's right - it works in the winter, spring, summer, and fall - with equally good results.

It multiplies the effectiveness of mother nature's natural food chain, right in front of your eyes. You're sure gonna like this:

Here's what Ely Coprada said about his experience using it in the Phillipines! (yep, there are some guys using it in other countries):


"Hi Dan -

Last night we were out in the sea, and I was happy to see for myself the swarming bait fish. Using the Saltwater Fishing Secret, I really catch more fish!

My brother was surprised to see the swarming bait fish and he is interested in owning one too, so I am going to buy another one from you and give it to my brother.

Even my friends were also surprised to see the swarming bait fish!

Thank you Dan and best regards."

Ely Coprada,
Phillipine Islands


Next, what you may have been waiting for... in 4 days I'll be telling you the special techniques you'd use with your Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon to actually start catching fish like you never have before (and I know that may be a big promise - you'll see... with mother nature on your side, it's hard not to beat personal records)

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Saltwater Fishing Secret

P.S. Remember, time will run out on the secret weapons, and this deal will never be offered again when it's gone...

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