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Saltwater Course Day #7, 3 Final Powerful Saltwater Fishing Techniques

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Hi Dan,

64 days ago, you signed up for my saltwater fishing information - and now we come to the last issue of the saltwater mini course where I'll tell you about 3 more very powerful techniques for catching lots of fish... I'll still send you some information from time to time, but this is the final day of the mini course.

A buddy recently told me about a surefire bait for any kind of saltwater bass like white sea bass, calico bass, sand bass, etc. Usually I take such advice with a grain of salt, but this guy is damn good.
Anytime I get advice from him, it's like solid gold.

He basically goes with a white jig and pins 2 or 3 squid on it - then just drops it to the bottom and lets it drift with the current so it bounces naturally along the bottom. Hold on tight, huge strikes are not far off!

If you are using this technique and not getting the results you should be getting (remember, there is nothing "sure fire" about fishing - ever...). There is something else you've got to try that has given us huge success with saltwater bass...

Use a banana jig heads (red and white are the best colors to use), pin your squid on, cast, and retrieve just like if you were using an artificial.

Put it this way, when going for any kind of saltwater bass - I don't stray too far from either of these techniques.


Finally, this last technique works on almost any species of saltwater fish.

You are going to use live bait with this one (sardines, smelt, whatever). Rig up a sliding egg sinker. Tie a 3 way swivel a couple feet up from the line.

On the other end tie a 2, 3, 4 ounce sinker depending on the current and tides (stronger currents need a bit more weight).

Shift the live bait out with any "freshwater" rapala or any other bass type lure that won't go very deep.

(Remember, freshwater lures work great in saltwater). Give it a slow retrieve and careful not to break your rod!


I hope you have enjoyed reading about (and hopefully using) some of the powerful saltwater fishing techniques I have told you about during the mini course. I really have enjoyed providing all of this information to you. You see, I believe that fishing is a "brotherhood". It's not about "holding back" information from other fishermen to get "one up" on them. It's about joining together and helping the new guys learn, so that everybody gets better.

We were all new guys once.

And there is one technique that I've talked about in the past that will take any fishermen's success rate through the roof.

I've never seen anything work so well, it's absolutly "jaw dropping" when you see it in action...

It's the ability to create mother natures "chain reaction" of feeding in any spot, almost any time you want. Using the Saltwater Secret Fishing Weapon will bring so many fish to your spot in less than 30 minutes, the water will be thick with feeding swarms of baitfish, game fish, and whatever else lives in your fishing spots.

Honestly, you can't help but pull in fish one after another because of the sheer numbers swarming your location.

Don't let this chance pass you by, to get it at the special deal nobody else will ever get. You don't have much time...

Here's what Paul Stephens had to say about using it for the first time to catch


"Hi Dan!

I used your Saltwater Fishing Secret for the first time on a night fishing trip for Crappie at Lake Georgetown just West of Georgetown, Texas.

We had been fishing this lake off and on for a couple of years with very little success, but your Saltwater Secret made all the difference in the world. After an hour in the water, there were literally thousands of tiny bait fish and minnows swimming around the secret from top to bottom. It looked like a "primordial soup". I have never seen anything like it in all my fishing experience. Then large fish began to show up in the shadows just deep enough to see their size.

We caught 2 medium size Bass and 10 Crappie in about 2 hours in a spot where we had never caught fish before. Can't wait till our next trip to see what kind of results we have.

Thanks for a great fishing aid!

Paul Stephens,
Round Rock, Texas"


In 4 days, I'm going to send you some special interview clips with fishermen from around the country. You'll hear some great stories, and you'll also hear why we all agree that fishing goes beyond just catching fish...

Get ready for some "fishing stories of a lifetime".

Until then...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Saltwater Fishing Secret

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