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A Saltwater Fishing "Secret Weapon", And What They Pulled Up

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Hi Fisherman,

Can you believe it's already been 16 days since you signed up for my saltwater fishing information? How time flies... anyway, I have something very interesting for you today.

As you know, there are a lot of guys using my saltwater fishing "secret weapon" - and taking advantage of the scientific principle behind it's ability to create a huge "ball of bait" - a swarm of the natural live bait fish that live in your spot (along with the game fish).

In fact, I've had them do "studies" on their experiences with the secret weapon - not only as proof that it's working like nothing they have ever seen before - but to "dig" a few little fishing tips out of them in the process.


Before I send you to the special page where you can have a look at their stories, it's important that you know something...'s not just saltwater fishermen that are using it - there are many other types of fishermen using it, and you'll get to see all of their "studies" too!

Check it out by going to this page:

...and pay special attention to these guys in particular:

* Woodrow Bryan - you'll read about how a buddy of his thought he was crazy for using the Saltwater Fishing Weapon, thought it was a complete joke... until he saw it for himself - and ran home and told his wife...

* Mike Morley - he talks about how he used it to create a solid "wall" of fish, and caught 4 different species of fish in one spot...

* Scott Eddy - you'll hear how he used the natural live bait that he attracted to his spot to nail a beautiful Calico bass...

* Thomas Johns - he'll tell you how he tested it in very deep water, and you'll see what he pulled up...

So, all 12 of these Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon "case studies" give a lot of insight, but the 4 I mentioned above - you just don't want to miss.

Go check 'em out here:

Ok, enough of all that... let's get YOU some information you can start using NOW to catch more fish. 4 days from now, you'll get the first issue of the Saltwater Fishing Mini Course on something you've gotta know about the "Nite Bite". You'll find out how a spot that's not producing can change and produce a ton of great catches almost instantly.

And by the way, here's another secret weapon case study I'd like to make sure you see - I promised I'd "highlight" one for you in every email.



I got to use the Saltwater Secret for the 1st time last night from the shore. It was real neat to see the plankton around it and the little bait fish. We had a great night, and here are two pictures of the best two of the many fish we caught! (One is a shark, which is very rare for this area, the other is a huge Striper)

Can't wait to use the Secret again!"

Mark S. Punzelt
Madison, CT


Check it out for yourself here:

See you in 4 days...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Saltwater Fishing Secret

P.S. Don't forget to check out all of the "secret weapon" saltwater case studies here:

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