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Starting The "Cycle" Of Swarming Fish

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Hi Fisherman,

Today I'm going to tell you what you'll see the first time you lower it into the water (and exactly what you should do), because you signed up for my saltwater fishing information 32 days ago...

Last time I showed you exactly what saltwater fishermen are doing when they receive their Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon (checking to make sure they get everything, testing the secret weapon with a battery source, and planning a fishing trip to a favorite fishing spot).

The most important thing about the spot you choose, is that it needs to be around "structure". Most fishermen know what I mean - but you should be around underwater structure - or vegitation like seaweed, kelp, or weeds. Most species of fish like structure because it offers many hiding places (both to hide from predators, and to surprise prey).


You see, when there is structure around it creates areas of "transition" for the fish. They are just a few feet from lighted areas, and can dart back into the shadows (and cover) quickly.

So, to get the most out of your Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon, be in a spot around structure - mainly because you know there are bait fish, game and other species lurking there.

Now, with certain species, you will want to try using the secret weapon in open water - there are times that some species prefer the open water areas (and it's usually when there is a large drift of plankton). But, at least the first time you use the device, use it around structure... I want you to see what it can do in these "sure
thing" fishing spots. Here are the next steps you'll take:

* Ok, so you are at your spot (and you could be fishing from the shore as well, with your battery in hand). Use the metal clasp at the very top of the unit to "anchor" the secret weapon to any solid "anchor spot" either on your boat - or on a dock, pier, or other structure extending out into the water.

* Then, attach a small 5 pound weight to the bottom of the unit (to keep it vertical underwater). There is a large industrial-strength plastic loophole at the bottom of the unit so you can use a piece of twine or rope to tie the weight to it...

* The last step before lowering it in to start the feeding frenzy is to hook the battery clips from the secret weapon to your 12-volt battery (either the one on your boat, or the one you've got on the shore if you are shore fishing)... just like you did before when testing the device when you first got it.

* Next, slowly lower the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon into the water so that the top of the unit is only about 3 - 5 inches under the water. It doesn't matter how deep the water is - I've had saltwater fishermen use it in all depths (from just a few feet deep, to 40 feet deep PLUS). The secret weapon is designed to bring the swarms of fish to the surface... now of course you can experiment with different depths (you have 20
feet of cord to play with), but the tried and true method is to make sure the top of the unit is only 3 - 5 inches under the water.

Over the next 15 minutes, as you look into the water - you will see nature's "food chain show" begin...

First, you'll see millions of little zooplankton organisms collect in huge clusters all around your Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon. The clusters will be "clear" in color, and they will appear throughout your fishing spot within 15 minutes... you'll know them when you see them...

Almost as soon as you see them appear, bait fish will begin to move into the area to feed on the zooplankton - this is where things get wild very quickly... Over the next half hour literally hundreds of natural live bait (i.e.
squid, shrimp, sardines, and whatever else lives in your area). The water will be thick with swarming fish... in fact, all you'll see is fish - and all you'll hear is splashing from the swarm...

It really is an amazing sight - and if you have kids, make sure to let them see - they'll love it, and it will probably turn them on to fishing...

Now, you've started the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon "Cycle" - and the fun is really about to begin... Next week, I'll tell you exactly what you'll do next to easily catch the bait (if you like using live bait), and after that, how to catch loads of game fish...


One quick thing - did you know that the technology behind the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon has actually been banned in 2 states? Minnesota and Wyoming... but don't worry... it's been that way for years - and the other 48 states don't seem interested in making it illegal (especiall in saltwater). But that's just a testament to how well this scientific principal works when exploited...

You can check it out here:

Heck, while we're at it, let's have a look at another one of the secret weapon "case studies":

"By midnight there was a solid wall of fish..."

Speckled trout 28 inches on left, 29 inches on right

(Clck the play button to herar what Mike said)

"By midnight there was a solid wall of fish... speckled trout. We caught 4 different species of fish, red fish, black drum, flounder, and speckled trough using the Saltwater Fishing Weapon.

I hadn't caught a single trout over the limit all year, but that night I caught big trout after big trout - all over the limit..."

Mike Morley
San Juan, Texas


If you want to see the rest of what Mike says, and see a picture of his catches (and an audio clip of our conversation) go here:

Next up, in 4 days I'll send you Day #3 of the Saltwater Fishing Mini Course - and I'll give you 8 "quick tips", one of which I am sure will get you catching more fish next time you go out fishin'...

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Saltwater Fishing Secret

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