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What To Do If The Fish Don't Bite

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Hi Fisherman,

Because you signed up for my saltwater fishing information 56 days ago - you are getting this issue on what to do if you just aren't getting many bites when using the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon. (yep, it's true, once in awhile I get an email from someone who can't figure out what is going wrong - and usually, it's something very simple)

The truth is, you can't keep everyone happy all of the time. It's no exception with the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon. I'd be lying if I said it worked perfectly for every person, every single time they use it. Remember, it uses a very delicate scientific principle to attract swarms of live bait fish, and game fish of all saltwater species.

Out of every 30 customers, I usually get 1 email from a frustrated fisherman who can't figure out why he's not catching any fish using the secret weapon.

After asking a few questions, I am usually able to find the 1 or 2 things he needs to do to bring the swarms - and start catching dozens of fish quickly and easily.

(I should also mention that most of the returns I get are due to a wife or girlfriend getting upset that the guy put it on the credit card without asking her first... sounds funny, I know, but you'd be surprised to know how often that happens)


(...and of course, everybody who uses the secret weapon has a full 90 days to send it back if they are not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all - and I'll give back every penny)

Anyway, whenever I get an email or phone call from someone who didn't see the swarms of fish - and had no luck catching any, there are a few questions I ask and a few tips that I give them. The next time they go out, there will be at least one of these tips that will change everything... and they'll see the "feeding frenzy" I've been talking about - and most importantly, they'll start catching lots of fish.

So, whenever I get an email from someone that's having problems getting fish to show up, here are the questions I ask, and the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon tips that I give them to turn things around for good...

Here are the things you need to make absolutely sure you are doing:

1. Make sure to be in a location where you have caught fish in the past (it won't create fish where there aren't any, in other words - there must at least be fish in the somewhat near vicinity).

2. The top of the secret weapon should only be about 2 - 3 inches under the surface - and you should be tying a 3 - 5 pound weight to the bottom of the unit to keep it submerged vertically. (there is a hard acrylic loophole at the bottom so you can easily attach a small weight with a small rope or piece of twine)

If you do these two things, you should begin to see millions of zooplankton organisms forming large clusters all around the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon - as I mentioned before, they will appear as "clear colored clusters" all throughout your fishing spot.

If you don't see any of these clusters forming within 30 - 40 minutes, you've found a very rare patch of water that has a very low oxygen level in the water. In fact, the oxygen level is so low, zooplankton cannot survive there - and it probably won't have too many fish there anyway...

NOTE: This does NOT happen often (and in some areas of water it will NEVER happen), but if it does - and you don't see the zooplankton clusters forming, you need to move to another spot - and the odds are, your next spot will produce the large swarms of fish people are used to seeing when using the secret weapon.

Here are a few other things that I ask fishermen to try when the fish are just not swarming...

1. If you have tried it in a variety of spots, it may be that the oxygen level towards the surface is not high enough for the zooplankton organisms. Try submerging the Saltwater Secret Weapon between 5 and 8 feet under the surface.

2. Try moving to a variety of different spots, give it about 40 minutes to an hour before giving up on that spot... It should be very rare that a proven spot does not produce a swarm.

3. If still nothing, drop it down and leave it in one spot for at least 2 hours... sometimes certain spots take a little longer than others for some reason - I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it has something to do with conditions of the water at that time...

It is important for everyone using the Saltwater Fishing Secret Weapon to have all of these tips in mind in rare cases where the amazing results do not come immediately - so if it happens to you, try a few of these tips to instantly bring the massive swarms of game fish and baitfish.

Remember, the deal won't last much longer so grab yours now:

Here is another email I got recently from Dan Watkins from Cowgill, Missouri. He uses it in freshwater:

"...the Saltwater Fishing Weapon has made a big impact on the number and size of
fish that I am catching."

15 pound Channel Cat, using the Saltwater Fishing Weapon!

Click here to see more of his pictures!

(Click "play" to hear our conversation)


Monday night, {July 3rd}, it rained so I didn't get to go fishing. Instead I fished in farm pond and caught a 1 lb. bluegill plus plenty of bluegill for bait using the Saltwater Fishing Weapon. Tuesday, {July 4th}, I left the house at 6:30 pm. and got on the water by 8 pm. Caught 30 catfish and an 18 inch bass. Wednesday, {July 5th}, left house at 7 pm. got to water by 8:30 pm. Caught one 8 lb. channel cat, and one 2 lb. channel cat. Thursday, {July 6th}, left house at 6:30 pm. and was on the water by 8:00pm. caught 5 channel cat, their weight was 1.5 lbs, 2 lbs, 3 lbs, 7 lbs, and 15 lbs 2 oz. Friday, {July 7th}, left the house at 7:00 pm on the water by 8:30 pm. caught 7 channel cat and 1 blue cat. Their weight was 1 lb, 2 lb, 3 lb, 3 lb, 5 lb {blue}, 5 lb, 9.5 lb, and 15 lbs 13 oz. All using the Saltwater Fishing Weapon.

It attracted large bait balls of minows and/or shad and/or bluegill...

I have caught some big blue cat and big flat head before. But the biggest channel cat that I have ever caught before now was 4 lbs. So using the Saltwater Fishing Weapon has apparently made a big impact on the number and size of fish that I am catching. Also the people that I talked to that were fishing the same water either said the fish weren't biting, had a couple of bull head, or 2 lb or less channel cats.

Thank you so much!"

Dan C. Watkins II
Cowgill, Missouri

Here Are Some More Stories
(And Pictures) From Dan Watkins

"One of my fishing buddy's and I went to the river Saturday night, 7-22-06. Minnows showed up under the Saltwater Fishing Weapon, and within about 15 minutes we had gar chasing off the minnows. After about 30 minutes one of my poles ever so slightly started to bend. I told Lenvil this has to be a big fish. He said "I didn't hear the bait clicker". I locked the reel in and waited for another slow pull.

Then the pole slowly pulled down, I jerked the pole back, and started reeling. Lenvil asked if I was going to need the net. I told him probably not, but you might get it ready just in case. The line got close to the boat and that's when things got interesting. The fish made a dive for the bottom and I realized I had been right, it had weight behind it.

I grabbed one of my other poles and handed it to Lenvil and asked him to reel it in, out of the way. I got the line close once more and again it made another run. Lenvil said ok quit horsing around. It isn't that big. I assured him it was. He still thought I was playing. Finally I got the fish to the top, the first pass at the net was a miss. The second pass the fish shot straight in the net... turns out I needed the net."

40 lb. 10 ounce Catfish caught using the Saltwater Fishing Weapon!

And another...

"Some more pics for you. 07-11-06 my son wanted to use the Saltwater Fishing Weapon... So I took it to the pond and set it up for him and told him he had till 11pm, then to just unhook it and I would go down and get it in the morning before leaving for work. That morning he made me go out to the bait tank with him while he dipped out the fish he had caught. Five 1+ lb bluegill.

Dan's son caught as many blue gill as he could
handle with the Saltwater Fishing Weapon!

07-13-06 I went cat-fishing after work. I have Friday off but have to work the weekend. Thunderstorms moving thur supposed to end by midnight and didn't. So ended up fishing from a covered dock all night. Packed the Saltwater Fishing Weapon and a battery down with me. I caught 9 channel cat, the biggest one was 8.5 lbs. I caught it right bellow the Saltwater Fishing Weapon..."

Dan C. Watkins II
Cowgill, Missouri


Dan's been having serious luck catching Catfish with the Saltwater Fishing Weapon!



In 4 days, I'll be sending you Day #6 of the catfish fishing mini course where I'll tell you about a very unique tool that you should be using which will save you lots of time out on the water- I can't believe I'd never heard about this!

Gone Fishin',

Dan Eggertsen

President and Founder, Saltwater Fishing Secret

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